This year we celebrate 25 years of Rancho Burica!


Bend and stretch for an excellent way to start of your day! Zen out, tune in or practice your balance. For beginner or more advanced yogi’s, there will be yoga classes for everyone. Sometimes when it’s more fresh in the morning or later in the afternoon for a beautiful sunset session.

We always work with certified yoga instructors only; varying from Slowflow and Powerflow Vinyasa yoga, or a deep relaxing Yin yoga. Also a great spot for meditation!

The yoga deck on the Rancho has the most breathtaking view, so don’t forget to breath!

Every Wednesday we provide donation based Yoga for the Tortuga Project of Punta Banco. All donations go directly to the project to protect the turtles.

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Jungle Tour

Costa Rica jungle tours at Rancho Burica. Discover the Costa Rican jungle, by foot, on one of the many trails surrounding the Rancho. You will see a lot of animals such as monkeys, birds and if you’re lucky a sloth.

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The reef-break in front of the garden is fun wave, and a short walk along the beach, there are more waves to find.

When the swell gets to a good size the world-famous Pavones starts to liven up. Pavones (one of the longest lefts in the world) is only 20 minutes by car or 35 minutes by bicycle. If it’s on at Pavones we could arrange a taxi, or you can take the early morning bus (5 o’ clock). For surfers who like to go right as well or just want to surf even more waves we can organize boattrips to Matapalo and Punta Burica, or are you looking for some tips and tricks? It’s possible to get surf lessons or coaching as well.

For those who would like to learn the basics of surfing we provide ‘beginner lessons’ at the wave right in front of our garden. In case the waves are too big we can arrange a lesson more into the bay (Pavones). All the lessons are given on ‘softboards’ and by experienced surf instructor.


$ 60/person for a 2.5 hour lesson at the Rancho’s ‘garden’ wave
$ 75/person for a 2.5 hour lesson around Pavones (including transport)


We do have some boards for rent. Softboards for beginners and some different used boards that work fine for intermediate surfers. If you want something that suits your level perfectly we can give advise and help you to order a board at the local shaper here in Pavones. He also rents boards for any level.

Custom made board starts at $ 650

Board rental at the rancho is $ 17,50 per day.

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Horseback Riding

Horseback riding Costa Rica. Gallop over wide deserted beaches or make a trip through the jungle-covered hills over small trails to one of the native Indian villages.

$60,- per person (4 hr ride)

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A boat trip to the south offers a stunning and peaceful view of the Punta Burica Peninsula where some of the indigenous people live.

A boat trip to the northwest provides a nautical adventure to the Osa Peninsula. Either direction has opportunities for good costa rica fishing and/or spots to surf. The wave at Punta Burica is a long left and Matapalo (the Northwest spot) are 4 right handers in a row. A boat trip for a day costa rica fishing or surfing (or a combination of both).

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