Rancho Burica has a reputation for serving great food! In the mornings and evenings we serve family style breakfast and dinner. Our cook combines the best Costa Rican food with typical European influences and there is always plenty for everyone! We have a set menu, but special requests such as vegetarian, allergies or something for the kids are no problem.

Breakfast typically consists of a variety of fresh fruits, home made bread, eggs, rice and beans, with a fresh juice and some good coffee or tea. Dinner is a satisfying array of fresh vegetables, rice, potatoes, fish or meat, and a colorful salad. Afterwards, a coffee or relaxing tea will be offered.

The lunch is something lighter and varies every day: soup with bread, a big salad or a typical Costa Rican dish such as “empanadas” will be served. The restaurant and bar are open all day to serve you cold drinks, beers, fresh juices, milkshakes or ginger shots!

Breakfast is served around 8:30 in the morning. Dinner is around 18.30 and lunch can be ordered between 12:00 and 14:00. Your meals include free purified water all day!